How to Start Selling on Amazon

Lots of people ask me: "How can I get started selling on Amazon?"
in the next few pages I am going to answer that question.

First off, I am happy to offer advice and assistance. But, you need to be willing to be a good student. If you call me and ask me why something isn't working, I am going to ask you if you completed all the steps. So please don't try and cut corners.

Second, when you learn of new information that can help me, if I have helped you, please share. I hope to always learn of some cool new tip, trick, or tool.

Please click the tabs under this one to get started on your new retail arbitrage adventure!




Step one:

Do not skip this step!

You need a mentor. Someone who can help you along the way. Someone who can keep you motivated. Someone with success stories they can share with you while rejoicing with you in yours. Mine is Darrell Galloway and I can't thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with me.


Joining amazon selling facebook groups and listening to podcasts are great, and I will share some with you as we go, but nothing beats having a real live experienced friend that will answer the phone when you need help.


Step Two:

There are lots of good books out there on the subject, and we will talk about more of them later, but for now I just want to keep things simple and straightforward.

Read: Arbitrage: The authoritative guide on how it works, why it works, and how it can work for you


I do not get paid anything for sharing this book with you. Although some of the links and products I share with you I may be paid for sharing.

Step Three:

Sign up for the following services:


#1- Amazon Professional Selling Account
Note: If you want to make career money doing this, do not sign up for the merchant fulfilled account here. You are welcome to do so, but please don't contact me asking why your results are different from mine if you do not follow the steps.

#2 (This Step is optional since Amazon now offers Amazon Seller App, a service which is free and nearly as good)

- Profit Bandit

I have made the previous two steps clickable, but for Profit Bandit, you are going to want to install it on your Smartphone. The link is only for you to visit their website.



Step Four:

Spending and Scanning


Bankroll $300 minimum and get ready to work. My mentor suggested $300, so that's what I am suggesting to you. However, we bankrolled $600 to start, and if you can afford it, that is what I recommend.

Using your new Profit Bandit app (and also using the amazon seller app which is nice to learn if you are trying to list a restricted item),  scan everything. Here, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! If you go into Wal-Mart, and the pet turtles are on sale, I want you to pick it up and look for the barcode. That's not to say that if it doesn't have a scan-able barcode you should pass it up. Or that if its rank or return is not good that you should pass it up. These are topics that we will cover in some advanced courses we will be offering in the near future. Be on the lookout for more information regarding these topics--bundling, rank, text searching products for profit, etc.



Step Five:

Packing and Shipping Basics


This may actually prove to be one of the most taxing or frustrating process in the FBA experience. Amazon has a lot of helpful videos to train you how to package appropriately. Pay attention to these videos.   They may be a bit dry, but are short and concise. We will be offering more in depth courses on these subjects and more in the near future. 


There is a step-by-step instruction in seller central called the shipment creation workflow. It is detailed. In the future, we will be breaking this down for you in an additional course.

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